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starter location & install
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Hey guys, I just replaced the starter selliniod. Two days later, the starter won't disengage. I am thinking that I will need to put a new one in. The question that I have is where exactly is the starter located on our car(86 turbo). I have some mechanical ability, will I have a big problem doing this myself. Lastly, how much can I expect to spend on the starter. Thanks in advance.


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The starter is on the pass side of the engine under the turbo/manifold. It's held on by three bolts and has one wire connectoed to it. THe top bolt is hard to get to, but I have found it to be easiest if you use a long extension to get a ratchet out in front of the starter to reach this bolt..then it's pretty easy. The other 2 are cake. As far as a price goes..dunno. I haven't had to buy one in a while.

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When you say starter wont disengage, do you mean it is still getting power after the key is released to the normal RUN position? If that is the case, the likely cause is your new solenoid has gone bad. When it does this next time, give the solenoid a good rap with a hammer and see if it disengages the starter. Lots of the solenoids you get from the places like auto zone are junk. Get one from NAPA or the Ford dealer.

As for prices on starters, you get what you pay for. The "rebuilt" ones for $29 from places like AZ are junk. Yes, they have a lifetime guarantee, but you will be replacing it every 6 months for the life of the car. I recently had to put in a starter, and got the best one NAPA sells (100% new internal parts). Cost me $110.

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I had the same problem ,used a autozone solenoid and 1 week it went bad ,I would bet its a solenoid,as jeff says use a ford one,replace it first before bying a starter.
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