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Stalling issue
Rob H Offline
When I first start the car, it runs a bit rough and low rpm.
If I take it out before fully warmed up, it stalls.
I drive up the road, and gear down to a stop sign, the car dies. Over and over again. It's a dangerous situation in some instances as I lose power brakes and steering. So far I have always been able to restart the vehicle. Usually right away, other times with a bit of frantic cranking watching traffic come at me.
Any thought?
This also happens sometimes when warmed up, but when the car has sat for a good five minutes or so.

Jeff K Offline
As a start, remove the IAC, blast it out good with MAF / TB cleaner and after it dries put a drop of oil on the shaft where it enters the solenoid part of the IAC.

When engine is warmed up and running unplug IAC electrical connector. If engine stalls base idle is set too low. I like to set base idle to around 800 RPM with engine fully warmed up.

Could also be a vacuum leak not bad enough to set the CEL wit a code 41. Carefully check all vac lines for looseness, cracks, disconnected hoses, etc
Jeff Korn

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BigJake Offline
Junior Member
Also check timing ?
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Rob H Offline
Thanks, I will give all that a try and report back!
I've had this problem a while, but never this bad. It never used to stall, just would ALMOST stall Smile

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