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I'm doing a little hands on research with all the lowering springs we have at work.I have come to the brilliant conclusion(LOL)that some springs for a V-6 Mustang (94-98)will work nicely on our cars being that they are almost identical in weight and the distribution of it.They are configured the same also,what I would like is some stock springs(not the ones holding up my car)to compare to these side by side visually to check height.Anyone here in Ohio have just a pair(1 front 1 rear) that they would like to donate in the interest of science.When I come to a definite conclusion,I will be glad to hook up the donor with a set of springs at my cost(WAAAAY below retail),it will be the same set I'm getting they are Eibachs Pro or Sportline I'm not sure which.I would also like to have 1 strut(F) and 1 shock ® for comparison tests also.They do not have to be functional exactly just be able to hold the rod in an up position.I can pick them up and would be glad to return them when I am finished with my little test.Would do this on my own,but the only ones I have are doing their best to hold up my car at present.Anyone game?Thanx guys.

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