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SPOUT 5v square wave?
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Hi again,

I posted a note about a month ago about my 83 TC that would start but only ran at 200-RPM.
After reading a bunch of posts here and at other sites, I disconnected the SPOUT connector. Guess what . . . the car now starts and runs smooth (at 10deg BTC)

I am getting a good 12v square wave on the TFI side of the SPOUT connector but there is only a 5v square wave on the EEC-IV side of the SPOUT connector.

I ran the KOEO and KOER tests and received only the code 11 (with the SPOUT line disconnected).
One note: the 1983.5 EEC-IV does not have an IDM input at pin 4

All the sensors appear to be working & giving the right voltages & resistances.

Should the SPOUT signal from the EEC-IV be a 12v square wave? I have checked the wire from the EEC-IV to the SPOUT connector and it is not shorted to ground.

If this is an EEC-IV problem, where can I get a replacement or find a factory schematic for an 83TC

Thanks for any assistance or other ideas.
Also, thanks the all the great FAQ & articles here.

Phill Z. in Kansas

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