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Spin & Stink
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Im kind of letting the car diagnose itself do to the cold, but today I went to start turned key and I heard something spin and catch then I was able to start it, after turning it for a while. Sound like a bad starter? Never had to replace one before and not even quite sure what/where it is/looks like. After that the horrible smell of rotten eggs followed, that stench is just getting worse now.

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If something is spinning (in the starter) but the engine is not turning over, that's a good bet the starter is going out. It is located on the back of the engine, on the passenger side, bolted to the bell housing.
Many places can test starters. This is one of those items that is best bought from Ford, even at rediculus prices. Lots of places offer lifetime guarentees, but they won't change it for you every 6 months [Image: biggrin.gif] The only other one I would consider is the lifetime one from NAPA.

Once the engine is actually turning over but is slow to start, that's a different issue.

Not sure on the stink but my guess would be a problem with the cat converter. Maybe others can comment on this.

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If it's a "rotten egg" smell, then it's the cat (probably). The smell from an overheated clutch would knock a buzzard off a sh** wagon, but it isn't like rotten eggs.
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Starter spins but doesnt engage = replace starter. BTDT more than once on several different 80s Fords. Had to replace the TC starter this past summer for the same problem. Stay away from the $29 "rebuilts" from the discount parts stores. I usually use the NAPA premium starters..... 100% new internal parts, only the case is from a core return. Last one cost me $115, but worth every penny.

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My starter is 4 years old bought it at autozone just after I bought the car.I keep waiting on it to go out,as with previous starters from the ZONE
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