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speedo fixed! and new ?
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for the first time since I bought the car a couple of month ago I can see how fast I'm going! put a new gauge cluster in last night and it went pretty well and I'm lucky I didn't get a speeding ticket. haha on to my next question, I been looking through all the members photo's of there tc's and see most of them are many years old. I was wondering what everyone's mileage is up to now? I'm sitting at 204000. no oil burn or anything. very happy with mine.
88 turbo coupe
all stock
204000 miles
med. red w/ raven
love this car!!!

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My mileage is 176,000. I drive about 12000 miles a year in the car.
Rod Kiser, '88TC, 5 speed, 5 lug, Cobra 13" front brakes, Mark VII 11 1/4" rear disc brakes, PiMP'n, Bullit wheels, ATR 3" exhaust, Aluminum driveshaft, EDIS, 60 LB injectors, gutted upper & ported lower. NATO Member

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I'm about just over 200k i switched my speedo so i cant get exact amount. I owned my car for 2 years now and put 35k miles. Sadly my car does LEAK oil from the oil pan. but at least it doesnt burn it Smile
88 TC 5 spd 22x,xxx miles Ran 15.3 in 1/4.. K&N Cone. Gillis boost controller @ 15. Faze Boost Gauge. A/C belt off. 2 1/2 inch exhaust dumped at axles.

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MINE IS 109,088
86tc 5speed k&n, gfb boost controller, autometer gauges, tripminder, fmic, and upgrading as fast as possible

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1987 5 sp.
- 4.6 2v swap.

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87 K on one, about 127 K on the other
Pete Dunham


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190K, 200 1/4 passes, pinged it over 100 times, 1/2 of those were LOUD, have had the head off 4 times, shes had 4 cams, 4 turbos, 3 clutches, 3 clusters, 4 hoods, and 4 sets of wheels since i got her 3 yrs ago. she now does a 13.3, gets 23.5 MPG mixed, and just got some 46PPH to help with fuel needs. i LOVE my TC. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
1988 TC 5MT-Blue/Blue check-off car. resto-project.
2006 Honda Odyssey 5AT, baby-mobile.
2013 F-150, 5.0, 6AT, 4x4, snow white paint.

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113,000 Everything totally rebuilt, evidently it lead a rough life before it found me. Great now expecting many more.
90 Mustang GT Vert.
95 Mustang Vert
04 F150 Heritage
92 Chevy Silverado

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162K Roughly.. we bought it before 100K.. had it since 2000
88 Medium Red Turbo Coupe. 172K. Stock. Horrible A4LD. 5k miles since 2006. She will be a part of my family as long as I am.

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Rolled over 232,000 this year. Still going strong. Fires up straight away every time, even on really cold mornings. Loving it!

1988 TC 5spd

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