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SPEC Clutch & Flywheels, Silicone Couplers, CP Pistons-Standard, Custom, & Volvo 16v
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I realized I hadn't officially announced the introduction of some of our newest products.

First of all, our stock location downpipe was revised to fit tighter against the body so it doesn't hang too low (this was actually done over a year ago but never announced).

We are now offering a full catalog of SPEC clutches and flywheels

If you are looking for a S.P.E.C product that is not listed on the site, let us know. We are a dealer and can provide you with anything S.P.E.C manufactures.

We've got everything from stock replacement items to clutches that will handle 1000+hp so no matter what you need, we should have it covered. We have clutches and aluminum flywheels for SVO/Turbo Coupe as well as 5.0 Mustangs and Merkur XR4Ti's.

The clutches/flywheels should be cheaper than you can find anywhere else.

You can view the full listing with specs and prices here:

A number of you were asking for this and now it is available:
We are now selling a number of different silicone couplers and t-bolt clamps. We have straight couplers, elbows, and reducers/adapters. We also have the corresponding t-bolt clamps to go with these items.

We will be adding additional sizes of couplers and clamps in the future if there is enough interest in the current offerings to make it a good decision.

The couplers should be cheaper than you can find anywhere else.

You can view the full listing with specs and prices at the bottom of this page: here:

A very exciting product is our CP Volvo Swap pistons. This is for running the volvo 16v head on a Ford block. The design accounts for the bore centerline misalignment and utilizes a valve relief large enough to clear the valve in the misaligned bores as well as the aligned bores. The dish matches the shape of the volvo chambers and the price is $610 shipped. This includes pistons, rings, pins, locks. You will not find a higher quality piston/ring package.

New Piston for swapping Volvo 16v head on 2.3 Ford block:

85 TC
85 SVO
86 SVO
87 Merkur

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