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Spark tester
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GM HEI spark testers are THE BEST thing you can use to diagnose ignition problems.
KD tools has this one
I have an OTC Electronic Ignition Spark tester. Part NO.7230. They are around 15 Dollars and I believe NAPA can order them.
To test a coil put the tester in the coil wire and ground the tester. If it fires the coil is ok. If it doesn't fire the coil doesn't have enough output. You test the cap, rotor and wires the same way. If it doesn't spark when it is hooked up the ignition system isn't up to par. These are awesome for misfires under load. If you have a misfire under load then just pop the wire off the plug an d plug in the spark tester. Whichever cylinder doesn't fire is the problem one. This tool will pay for itself pretty quickly. I highly recomend the OTC tester. Hope this helps somebody.
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That looks like a nifty gadget.. It would save my tongue a lot of hassle! Big Grin
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