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Spark Plug Gap
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What is the effect of either increasing or decreasing plug gap?

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by tylerport:
[B]What is the effect of either increasing or decreasing plug gap?

Increasing will give better gas milage but you will not be able to run higher rpm or boost unless you upgrade ignition.It will blow the spark out at higher rpm with big gap.
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Insufficient spark plug gap can cause pre-ignition, detonation and even engine damage. Too much gap can result in a higher rate of misfires, loss of power, plug fouling and poor fuel economy. It is always best to check the gap against the manufacturer's specifications. Another consideration that should be taken into account is the extent of any modifications that you may have made to the engine. As an example, when you raise compression or add forced induction (a turbo system, nitrous or supercharger kit) you must reduce the gap (about .004" for every 50 hp you add). However, when you add a high power ignition system (such as those offered by MSD, Crane, Nology)you can open the gap from .002-.005".
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