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spare wire identification
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I have a single loose wire over by the air vane flow meter that does not have an end on it (broken off) and I cannot find where it would have been connected to
it is a black with red stripe with a plastic loom over it. It goes back along the inner fender and connects with a gray connector to a yellow wire and that goes into the big harness close to the firewall area
I have been looking at the wiring diagrams and cannot find it
any help sure would be appreciated

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correction........ the wire is black with Orange stripe

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Use a test light (NOT a DMM!) to see if it has 12 V with the key off and/or with the key on, or with the lights on low or high beam. Is it a heavy gauge wire or a thinner wire? Is the yellow wire a heavy gauge? IRCM, which powers PCM relay (VPWR circuit), fuel pump relay, fan relays and AC clutch relay has 3 heavy gauge yellow wires going into it that are hot at all times. Other than the short yellow ammeter shunt wire in the alternator output harness, I cant remember any other yellow wires under the hood.

If the BK/O wire is heavy gauge, could be for one of the 2 engine cooling fans. Do the fans work as designed? Fans have the OEM connectors on them? Not uncommon for people to put the fans on manual switches, aftermarket thermostatic switches, etc to try to keep the engine cooler or to avoid fixing the fans to run as designed.

Anything else electrical on the car that doesnt work?
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