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sound like a bad cat converter to you?
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ive looked on the search page and diddent find exactly wshat i was looking for. my question is what are symptoms of a plugged cat. my exhaust smells and there is some white smoke coming out. my boost builds very slowly past 5 pounds and the car dosent have a whole lot of power. no codes are output but the cel comes on sometimes when the car is idling. after sitting for a while the car will turn over a few times before it acually starts if has just been runing then it fires up right away. theres no emissoms testing up here so i wax probably just going to cut it out
any ideas?
thanks for readin
.....the cars been runing kinda crapy for a while diddent care to much untill my brother got a z34 lumina and says it faster then my bird gotta prove him wrong
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You need to pull the codes - That will tell you where your problem may be.

White smoke = Water or Antifreeze blowing out the exhaust.

Pluged cat would choke the engine as you accelerate, which would make the car buck while driving. The exhaust would also smell like rotten eggs.

Not starting right away could be anything.
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had same problem. i cut the cat off and put in a performance cat and it cleared up the power problem. old cat looked melted inside.
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i never heard of a cat causing a bucking car? thats different.

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Loss of power
slow/low boost
downshifting in situations where you didn't used to down shift/

Exhaust manifold glowing bright red in the dark after just normal easy driving.
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