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Sometimes its the little things
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Anyway, car got a little hot on the way home from work today. Hadn't had an oppurtunity to pull the codes from the computer since I bought it three weeks ago.
Pulled the codes, cleaned the EGR valve(it was stuck) checked the timing (was set at 14), reset it to 9-10, set the idle, set the TPS to .94.
Result: car runs much better, and I don't have any more detonation when its making boost.
Now all thats left is the annoying tick from the flat lobe on the stock follower cam. But that problems about to be fixed shortly with Turbo Tom's help (thanks)

88TC 5speed, 160,000+, ranger roller, Evergreen T3, cone filter, manual boost controller.
One parts car still waiting to be taken apart.
Waiting in the garage: SC throttle body, SC intercooler, graphic equalizer, among other things.

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Good to hear...

Keep at it....its always fun to daily drive...20 year old cars Smile

86XR7 in pieces...old time [email protected] 88TC stock Red RHSC [email protected], 01 Z71=Nice winter ride, 01 CVLX w/HPP wifes ride!

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