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somethings wrong i dont know what
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My Daddy and my brothers and me just put a used motor in my TC and it was running good until we put the radiator cap on.
When we put the radiator cap on it just stars to bawl smoke out of the tail pipe.

Do any of you think that this is something wrong with the head or what

I dont think it is the block because there is no water in the oil.

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Just a guess -

Putting on the radiator cap allows the system to pressurize, forcing water through cracks where it normally wouldn't go.

If the smoke is coming out of the exhaust, the crack would have to be somewhere that allows the coolant to flow into the cylinder or hot exhaust gas path.

My guess is cracked head. It's just a guess, I could be wrong.

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thas what im thinking, i'm actually hoping it is because i have another head that came off of my old motor so me and my friend will start working on it when my funds get back up

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