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Something is wrong with my Barney TC!
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Well about two days ago my car overheated and a hose rip but i shut it off right before it blew...well ever since the car has been stalling on me alot and the car doesnt feel as quick as it suppose it a blown head gasket? also the car doesnt brake until the pedal is pushed down all the way..can it be the brake booster? also my tach,boost gauge and speedometer is working...can it be fuse? any help would be great,Thanks for your help,much apreciated froma 1st time TC owner!Thanks!

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Does the oil on the dipstick look like a milkshake? How about your throttle body, is it full of oil? Blowing any blackish blue smoke? All of these are indicators of a blown head gasket...especially the milkshake oil.
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no no its not a blown head gasket?what about the rest of the problems?

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Did the engine and wiring get all wet?
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pulled codes? checked compression? Does it have brake fluid? My m/c leaks at the presssure switch for the prc. WHen fluid levels fall way to low,my car does what your describing. I would check fluid levels first. Second when I had a bad battery ground the braking computer wasnt turning on, same condition. HOpe this helps. you need to figure out teh brakes first, as you dont want them to completely fail.
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