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some updates
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pulled off the intake tract the t/b full of hard carbon..tps was set at .99 I set it about .94 had to enlongate the holes...idles smoother but idles around 1025 rpms...installed new wires..

finally saw a lil bit brake fliud leak on the ground seem to be near the master cyl. I believe i 'm going to pull off the master cyl.. does anyone know if they make a rebuild kit?

I just can't quit on it...I never let a car beat me

Pete D Offline
I don't think there is a rebuild kit for the MC

Not sure but give these folks a call:
"SIA Electronics Inc. Seem they repair these things
Might call them if you need parts and see what they charge. 800-327-6338. They are in DuQuoin, IL 62383"
Pete Dunham


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hey is that 1025 rpm idle about right?

Jeff K Online
Check to see if the leak is coming from the PRC pressure switch on the line under the MC. While it isnt real common for these switches to leak, it isnt unheard of either.
Jeff Korn

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