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Some pinstripe and paint
Machzman Offline
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Well got bored today thought I would do something to the TC, so I pulled out the cluster and put some pinstripe on and painted the needles, thought it would look cool to match my other gauges,I was going to paint the rings but just couldn't trust myself, so for $2.99 got me some pinstripe, I gotta say it not perfect but looks cool, I will just have to do it better over the winter, anyways here is a pic and I will post one when there re-installed.......Rod

Here is a pic installed looks pretty good..
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Steve B Offline
Wow that looks pretty sweet. I would have never thought to do that.
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Very nice first attempt
Taking your time on the next try can only improve on a good job.

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You did a great job. I like the trim rings, but I'm not a big fan of the look of the orange needles (personal preference). The rings look sweet though. Great idea.

I've always wondered if the additional weight of adding paint to the needles on the minor gages (fuel, amps, oil, water) could affect the way they read? If you have ever felt theose needles, the thin metal they attach too is quite weak. Thoughts?
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Yeah man the needles are really thin, I like the orange cause it kinda looks like the aftermarket gauges, also I don't think the paint will affect the way they read, and if so, then more aftemarket gauges for me....I will just have to tell the wife, look honey I messed up my gauges now I need new ones Smile yeah for me..........
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El-Nino Offline
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Looks nice. I agree with Glass. Great first attempt, and if you take a bit more time it will look even better.
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Looks surprisingly good, nice work! But, you did miss one (cough cough, boost gauge)...

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Sharp. I like'em. Big Grin
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