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Some 1/8th mile action
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For those who don't surf TF..copied and pasted..

Took the bird out last night. First pass was the best one. Ran 6.96 @ 100 with a 1.59 60'. Here is the vid:

On the second pass, my 60' fell off to a 1.63 which resulted in a 7.03 @ 99.

Third pass, I wanted to try and spray the nitrous down track, so I just blipped the button while spooling and then hit it when I let go of the brake. Turns out I didn't spray long enough to get up on the converter and instead of launching at 5000rpm and 20-21psi, I launched at 3800rpm and 6psi. Realized what I did as soon as it launched so I let off the nitrous. 1.79 60' turned into a 7.21 @ 100.

I seem to have picked up a couple of mph in the 1/8th. I raised timing one degree (19 now) and realized I was hitting the soft cut rev limiter in the MS when I leg out second gear past the stripe, so I raised the limiter from 7900 to 8200. Getting better little by little.
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Sweet man ..... Killer times

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