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sold my 88 T/C
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Its off to Wyoming thanks to the classified ads on this sight.
Kind of hard to let it go. I had it around longer then the X. Just never got to put that boss 302 in it like i always wanted to do.

I'm sure someone will want to know the price I sold it for.
Original owner - 9650 miles. I honored my offer of 10 grand to anyone on this sight. Cost 1444 to ship to Wyoming. I chipped in 300 to have it shipped from here to NJ to the shipping companies yard. He hopes to have it delivered before xmas.

Doubt I'll ever have another T/C seeing how I just sold the best one around. Merry Christmas to all. bobbymac

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Bobbie, I don't know whether to offer condolences or congratulations? I'll say congratulations.
Pete Dunham


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Bobby, glad you found it a good home. Equally glad you never removed its heart and installed a V8 - anybody can have a V8!

Good luck in your future automotive endeavours!
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like Pete said, congrats & condolences. Smile


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My condolences. Smile
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Thanks guys. Its condolences for sure. I look at the bare spot on my drive way and it still brings tears to my eyes, as writing this does. Cant help it, I loved that little car.
Should have, would have, could have, but I didn't. Just couldn't bare to see it out side setting in the drive way after losing its garage to three motor cycles. Ya I know I must be nuts at 70 to still be riding a bike......

What I remember best was, besides it beauty, was that long nose, and when you opened the hood you didn't have to prop it open with a steel rod.

I would like this to be known to all. A vehicle coming from the north east, especially Long Island, has absolutely no reason to have rust whether kept in a garage or a daily driver. When driven in the winter on salty or in white salty powder or a 4x4 on the beach, just make sure the bottom is hosed down underneath even in 20 dee weather. Never owned a rust bucket even after 25 years of owning it.
Thanks again, bobbymac

bobby mac

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I hear ya on the bike thing though, I hope I'll still be ridin when I'm old as well. Cage Drivers will never know the feeling of true freedom, that you get from ridin out in the wind. God Bless.
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I feel your pain. This must have been a tough decision for you. I give you congratulations or condolences whichever is appropriate but I assume that condolences will be more appropriate as time goes on.
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I have no garage. Just make sure it's waxed twice a year, did some rustproofing, and keep it under a California cover in winter.
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Well Bobby

Like we chatted about before...if you want to modify a TC(which recommend) your super low mileage survivor wasnt the find yourself a nice $4000 car and go to town.

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