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Got the car all back together, started it up for the first time in weeks, ran great, shut it down, placed the keys on the dash (with a satisfied smile on my face), and the keys promptly slid into the defrost ducting. Tried to fish them out with a flexible tool that has four prongs on the end to grab things--no luck. Can't even see them--any ideas?


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Little bitty neodymium super magnet on the end of some non-magnetic flexible thingie?
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Flexible magnet??

Edit: Yeah, what Joe said!
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God forbid things should go smoothly. lol. I have no idea, I guess just keep fishing and you know, just like any other fishing, have lotsa beer on hand. May not catch anything, but at that point, you don't really care. lol. Good luck.
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I have had good luck "fishing" items from vents using that flexible tool you were using with a small round magnet clamped in the "four" fingers. ITs flexible enough to bend around inb the vent a bit, and the vents are fairly smooth plastic, with nothing to really hang up on! Word of caution, do not press the release button when fishing, ask me how I found out about that one!
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I'll try Martin's suggestion first! My reattack plan is "lotsa beer."


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Or you could just flip the car upside down !
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yeah, I've dropped stuff down there before, it's a p.i.t.a., but the flexy strong magnet thingey was my best investment, use it all the time. Even has a LED on the end :-P
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