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Smoking turbo???
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Well it turns out that my buddy forgot to seal the front exhaust manifold bolts when he put them back in while doing the headgasket. After sealing those, the smoke on the passenger side of the engine compartment lessened. However, there is still a significant amount about 1 to 2 minutes after the car is started (idle only).

So I jacked the car up and got underneath to see if anything turned up from that angle. The oil return line seems fine - no smoke in that area. I can see quite a bit of smoke coming off of the turbo itself (which spins freely, and has no axial play) - it seems to the coming off the bottom rear, right where it meets the exhaust pipe with the 90 degree bend and definately smells like oil. What could be causing smoke like this?

Thanks in advance and may she one day fly again,

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Could be a bad seal in the turbo
Pete Dunham


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if you just put the turbo on it could be the oil from your hands touching the turbo burning off. It takes awhile and is a little annoying but Ive btdt a couple times!!! Otherwise Id look at the feed and return line for leaks. No leaks there?? Hmmm Is there blue smoke coming out the exhaust? If so id say turbo seals! (even though the exhaust side of the turbo looks dry and oil free, oil and grease from touching it isnt always obvious and can really put out some smoke!)

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