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Smaller turbo takes longer to boost???
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Well, I swaped my compressor housing for one that I got that was supposed to be a .60 A/R just like the one I have,but it had a straight inlet to ease the install of my homemade intake.Well I got it in and it went pretty much without a hitch.There's on one catch,when I laid the compressors side by side I would SWEAR the inside of the new one looks smaller.I put it on and checked the clearance and the blades seemed to spin fine,so I went ahead.Well,I think this thing is acting like it is LARGER,I gotta rev the engine past 4000 RPM to get full boost now and when it gets there it's not as much boost as with the old housing,although I'm only missing about 3 PSI.I thought if it was smaller it would spool FASTER and get to full boost sooner,but his thing is doing just the opposite...and ther is NO way this thing is larger.Is my line of thinking correct,or do I just have a combination that is too weird here?I think I am on my way out to get this thing back off,my neibors ought to love's only 7:30 AM..LOL..I'll just tell the cops yeah..I know what time it is and what day it's work on the car day,and it's light out,so it must be a good time to start LOL.

"Finch....get the f*ck away from that Ficus......that's a jizz-free Ficus!"
"Finch....get the f*ck away from that Ficus......that's a jizz-free Ficus!"

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