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Slight rust in cylinders...
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I've had the head off waiting for repair for
3 weeks. I sprayed the cylinder walls down
with what little wd-40 I had left. Well it's
been raining and now I have slight surface
rust in cylinder 2 and 3. How do I get rid of this and will she run ok aferwards?

mustanglover32 Offline
ya, it should be alright. it will be burnt off anyways when you fire it back up.

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FlyByeBoy Offline
A little surface rust is not going to hurt anything. But you need to try to clean it up a bit. Get some scotch bright and run it around the cylinder walls a few times until it looks clean. Then use a shop vac in each of the cylinders to suck out any debris the fell down. Or you can use a lightly oiled sponge to wipe the debris out of the cylinder. The oil will help any of the rust that fell to stick to the sponge.
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