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Shop Manual, 1988, P/Ns and Sources
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Helm Inc used to say they would put your order on a wait list and send you a post card when the manuals came in. I'm not sure that they still do this any longer. You could call them and see what they say about it.

Other place to find manuals: 1. E-bay, 2. Swap meets and car shows, 3. Look in some of the collector type magazines for ads from people that specialize in selling this kind of stuff. 4. One guy got a set from a Ford dealer. Some dealers do hang on to this stuff for several years.

What you want: For 1988
1. Vol. B, book 1 of 2 "Chassis and Electrical" FPS-12101-88B
2. Vol. B, book 2 of 2 "Body"
3. Vol. D " Powertrain" FPS-12103-88D
This covers engines, transmissions, axles, cooling, ignition, fuel, starting.

These three come as a set from Helm (they did when I ordered my sets) The books below have to be ordered seperately so be sure to specify exactly what you want.

4. Electrical/Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM), FPS-12116-88
This is a great one to have. It's not the entire electrical schematics but it does offer the electrical schematics for the major electrical systems
that cause the most problems. I refer to this one a lot when answering questions on the board.

5. 1988 Car wiring Diagrams - Thunderbird/Cougar, FPS-12136-88L This is the complete wiring diagrams. Nice to have but you will use the EVTM more.

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I just got off the phone with Helm. They told me that since these are old manuals, they will most likely not be getting them back in stock. The only one that currently have in stock for 88 is -

Electrical/Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual (EVTM), FPS-12116-88.

They Do having in Stock the 87 Thunerbird Manuals - Part # FPS1210187B for $50.00. They include:

(1) FPS1210187B1 - 1987 Body Volume II
(2) FPS1210187B2 - 1987 Body Vol- Con/Mar/Mus/Tb/Cou
(3) FPS1210387D - 1987 Pow/Lub/Main/Ex Tem/Top/Esc
(4) FPS1217388 - 1987-88 Car Shop Manual Supplement

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