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Shop Air Compressor question
Bird-of-Pray Offline
My upright, direct drive compressor has died.
All seems good, even have power to the motor.
I'm wondering if the starting capacitor has died.

Are these small compressors considered 'throw-aways'?
I can't find a motor that I can put on this thing. It seems like it would be cheaper to buy a new one.

The motor type looks like this.
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Theres a good chance that the Start Cap is gone. These little Directr Drive comps are generally toss outs if the motor dioes, cause new is expensive. I have redone a few on the cheap though! Unbolt, screw, latch, twist or whatever it takes to get it off the comp section and haul it down to a local electrical rewind shop. They will probably be cheap to test and may even have an alternate replacement.
Run the RPM, serrial, brand name and model number throught Google and maybe something will come up as well.
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might pull the cap out, if its seperate, and see if an A/C shop has one close. might fix you right up.

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if you do end up needing a new one dont get that type,which are a diaghphram type pump,pretty much a fish tank pump.

Better to get one with a seperate motor,the type that has a belt,like a fan belt between the motor and the pump.
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