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Shifting Issue
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Hi all,

I bought my TC back in January. My first car and I learned to drive stick on it. This, of course, abused the clutch somewhat...but for 3 months it shifted smooth...never felt like I was hitting anything when I pushed it into another gear.
Since April or so it started with 1st gear, this feeling as if I was pushing through spread slowly but surely and is now through 1st through 4th. It doesn't cause any problems or sounds, but it makes me feel like I'm missing something.

I just got a new , quality, clutch, I thought that was part of the such luck, it's still there and continuing to slowly increase in the amount of pressure needed to shift into the next gear...or 1st from a stop.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time!

127k miles in January when I bought it for $200. 138k now. A few mods for more power in the planning. (:

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did you replace anything else besides the clutch disk? Did you also replace the flywheel, pressure plate and throw out bearing? Did you resurface the flywheel?
Have you checked for leakage in either the master cylinder or slave cylinder?, Checked fluid level in the resevoir. Sounds like it's not disengaging completely when shifting. Could be the hydraulics system, the pressure plate. If the transmission fluid wasn't changed, try that.

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Clutch was replaced. My mechanic, a good guy, said the flywheel had only "2 hot spots on it, so it didn't need resurfacing." He sanded it down a little and he said it was fine. I believe the throwout bearing was replaced...not positive. He bought a quality clutch kit and installed be honest, I wanted him to drain and refill the tranny and rear axle fluid, but I'm not sure if he did. If not I'll have him do that on tuesday.

I have great confidence in this guy, he has driven it multiple times and never commented on it....should the shifting in an older ( 138k miles ) TC be smooth and effortless or not?

Thanks for your time! -Joe
127k miles in January when I bought it for $200. 138k now. A few mods for more power in the planning. (:

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Yep, should be easy to shift into gear, but I've never driven a TC that the clutch pedal was easy to push. Are you pushing the pedal down all the way?
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Ask if your mechanic changed the pilot bearing. I'll bet he didn't. A failing pilot will cause the drag in every gear that you are experiencing.


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