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Shifter options?
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Im looking for a short shifter for my bird. I was wondering what are you guys using and will any Mustang shifter work?
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I think Stinger offers one for $75(?)....
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I use the Pro-5.0 shifter and like it a lot. Another nice one I like even better is the MGW Short Throw ; it's shifter arm is wicked adjustable and one of these days I'm getting me one!

Many more available. My understanding is that about any Fox Mustang shifter for a T5 should work.

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I have used the MGW handle with both the stock shifter and on a Steeda Tri-Ax.The Tri-Ax is a great shifter, no complaints at all. I definitely want to try the MGW Short Throw that Joe linked above. I like their products. The handle, above, is an improvement on the stock shifter with it's adjustability.
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The mgw is simply awesome. I almost didn't use the leather boot it looks so nice and you can put the handle anywhere you want it. Well worth the money IMO !
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The MGW handle is what we have on Katie's car with the stock shifter; we concur about Pete's comment about it and add further that it's a vast improvement on the stock shifter handle.
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Ive got the B&M Ripper Shifter. The only advantage I can see over factory is that its got bumpstops to keep you from damaging syncros.
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Pro 5.0 for me, hands down.
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I have had a Steeda Triax for years, and have been very happy with it.
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