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I called Helm today and a couple other places. I'm going to segregate this by the business company.

Helm: Helm is merely a warehouse/distribution company. They don't actually print the manuals and never did according to the person I talked to. Ford printed the manuals and used Helm to distribute and warehouse them. That's useful information in that it almost guarentees that Helm will not get any more manuals for our cars, Ford won't be printing any. The lady I talked to gave me 2 other phone numbers for places that specialize in older, hard to find manuals. more on that in a minute. I did check out Helm's web site for availability. I did not confirm any of the following with the sales lady:

They are out of the main 3 repair manuals, Vol D and Vol B, 1 & 2 (these used to be $50 for the set and included a 4th mid Sized Car Do it yourself manual.

They list the Engine Emission & Diagnostic manual as "print to order", $69

They list the Complete Wiring Diagrams as "print to order", $40

The web site says they have availability on the EVTM - $20. This is the manual I got my nose in about 70% of the time. I would advise all to jump on it.

Helm's phone #: 800-782-4356

Now the other two places. I didn't ask enough questions at the first place. I think these are places that buy the rights to reprint manuals after the Factory (Ford) no longer prints them.

Faxons: 800-458-2734
They said they had the engine manuals. i'm not sure if they meant the 3 book set (Vol B, 1&2, and Vol D) or just Vol D - Powertrain. sorry I didn't get prices for anything at Faxons. They also said they had EVTMs and the Electrical Diagrams book.

Bishko Literature 800-544-3312 I talked to a guy named Bill why was great to talk to and answered my question. Bishko is definitely an authorized reprinter. They don't stock the original factory manuals that Ford printed, but they do reprint these manuals.

They got the 3 book set of Vol B 1 & 2 + Vol D But the price is $129 I didn't ask if they sell them individually.

They have the Wiring Diagrams $39.00

They got the EVTM - $35.00

They said they have Owners manuals in like new condition, These might be original Ford Prints, not reprints, call and ask, $39.00

When I asked about some kind of group purchase, he said something could be done for groups as small as 5 people. I didn't get into details, I thought I'd see if there was any interest first.

I only asked about the 88 manuals at all 3 places. For those of you with earlier cars I would call Bishko or Faxon and see what they have. I know I'm going to see if they can provide any of the 86 Mustang stuff for my SVO

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thanks pete! i cheated and bought mine off ebay. what sucks is that a friends dealership throw all of those books out a week before i stopped by.

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Thanks for tracking down this info for all of us.

Count me in as one of the 5 for a group purchase if they will discount them. I'm gonna order the wiring diagrams later today.

The 87 manuals (3 Vol Set) I got from Helm about 6 months ago & I think they are still available to those who need them.

Thanks again Pete !!

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Count me in for the 3 volume set and the EVTM. I already have the wiring book.
Thanks for doing the homework here. Let me know when you move on the deal.
Thanks again,
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Guys I didn't ask them but I would bet that we have to order 5 of the same thing, whatever that is. I mean we order 5 three volume sets or 5 - 3 vol + evtm or 5 - 3 vol + EVTM + wiring diagrams. You guys decide what you want it to be. I'm not one of the 5 as I already have my sets. I'll do the leg work once it decided what the package is and we have 5 people committed to it.
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ok, what is an EVTM?
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Quote:Originally posted by fastz28:
ok, what is an EVTM?
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Probably the single most useful piece of literature to have in your library if you own a turboford...

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