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selling car on ebay
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anybody ever do this ? im new at it and going to put the car on there what are the fees,like i said i never sold on there,yes i searched but want to make sure i understand it right
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To list the car it will be like $40(whether it sells or not) and if it does sell it will be in the area of another $40. I've had good and bad experiences doing this.
Ive sold a car for the price I wanted on Ebay after not being able to sell it through the local newspaper and autotrader, so that was good.
However, I had a truck listed on ebay and it got 1 bid which was the winning bid. Well the winning bidder decided to never contact me, even after I sent numerous emails, so consequently the truck never sold but I still got stuck with the extra $40 sellers fee. Luckily ebay was good about it and I got refunded the $40 sellers fee but it was still a mess of a situation for a while trying to resolve it. Also, Ive gotten alot of emails while my auctions were running, some were just dumb so get ready for that,especially with a nice car like that will draw attention. Good luck selling it, im sure you shouldnt have any problem finding a buyer just be sure to have good and detailed pics.
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