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Seat Covers
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hey im looking for some seat covers so i dont have to waste my money on expensive racing seats.

im looking at these

Think their any good?

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I don't see how these covers will fit on our seats. I guess you have to go with what you can afford, but you'd probably do as well to see if you can score some seats from someone parting out a car.
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I actually emailed that same guy the other day and he said they will fit an '88 Thunderbird. I'm waiting on him to specify a TC. I don't know either.
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Ya he said they would fit but i dont want them to be like too loose. i want them to fit perfectly. I dont know... mabey im just hopping for too much.

so if you find like replacement covers for cheap, post it up here

I dont have a turbo just a regular 3.8.

I was looking at these racing seats because they come in pairs. I want to make my t-bird theme red and black.

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I lookked and looked for TC specific seat covers years ago..... no luck. Ended up having a local shop that did custom hot rods do my seat covers. Turned out beauriful, but you have no idea how much it cost Smile
Jeff Korn

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Y im proly just gonna go ahead and get them

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I sent you a PM. Get back to me.
Pete Dunham


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