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Seat Belt Timer
On my '85 Turbo Coupe,the chimes for the seat belt sound when you turn on the ignition key,but do not time out. The only way to stop the chimes is to hook the seat belt,and then the light stays on. Do I need to replace the thermal timer?

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God I can't stand them things, the first thing I do is disconnect them. And I wear seatbelts, I just don't like them buzzing away with the engine running and the drivers door open. I know when the door is ajar and when i have my seat belt on.
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What id did was took the steer column cover off and there is a lil wire right near the ignition switch, i puled it off And wrapped it with electrical tape, this stops the chiming when the door is open with the key in the ignition. I usually have my door open when im blasting my radio and the chimes get annoying, that how i fixed my problem

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