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Search Feature - How to use it
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In the upper right hand corner of any page is a tool bar that looks sort of like like this.....

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You will notice the button that says "search", click it and another window will open

In the box that says "search words" enter what you are looking for.....this can be tricky, and takes a little trial and error to learn the best way to search, sometimes entering something too specific will bring up little information, too general, and you need to weed through 500 posts.

In the case of this, the guy is looking for information on "exhaust elbow bolts", I entered the term "elbow bolts, and got about 25 posts. About the 8th one had the thread and pitch of the bolts that hold an elbow on to a T3 housing.

Prepared by Martin 0660
Pete Dunham

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Just kept me from asking a repeated question...Thanks Pete

(Really, I have used it alot.)
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What to do if a link in an older post doesn't work:

When I run into that and I want to make those links work, I open a current post, like this one. I then copy the post number from the link, and remove the post number in the navigation bar and insert the desire number and it usually take me to the post. I know that doesn't make sense. Look at the navigation bar in this post and look at the web address. The post number for this post is "016403", at the very end of the link. I back space that number out and put in the number from the "linked" post in and hit "enter" As long as the linked post is in the same forum as the post you are doing the cut and paste with, it will take you to the linked post. If it doesn't work that means the linked post is in a different forum. You have to go into that forum then try what is explained above.
Pete Dunham

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