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Just had a job interview where the bennie's include company econo-car/gas. (No, it can't be exchanged for a vehicle allowance.)

So, the wife says "Wow, if you get this job, we will probably have to sell the Tbird or the Cougar, to save on insurance and because we are running out of parking space...probably sell the Tbird, since the Cougar is in better shape..."


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My first reaction was that I was reminded of one of my favorite nautical vignettes about the boat named "Instead of Her". Upon further reflection I realize that this is one of those critical moments in life where outcomes can have far reaching and lasting consequences. This could lead to family disharmony and maritial discord as well as deep seated resentments and anger. Possibly a case of acid reflux disease and chronic anxiety. However there may be a temporary reprieve. The situation is predicated on economic issues (the cost of insurance) and should be dealt with on that basis. It might not be prudent to sell the car at this time until the security of this new job can be acertained. What with the stock market of late possible dragging down any short term recovery, employers may initiate further business synergies (read layoff). One car would inhibit the process of seeking further gainful employment. I'm sure you can flesh this scenairo out a bit. Good luck [Image: biggrin.gif]

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Reminds me of a guy I know who collects Buick Rivieras. His wife finally made the ultimatum, "it's either me or the cars". He is no longer married, and has about 6 Rivs at the moment. [Image: biggrin.gif]

These cars are cheap as hell to insure and it's not like you can sell them for any real money, so I don't think you'd gain much by getting rid of one! I imagine the econobox is the most expensive to insure, so you might want to try and insure it as an occasional car (assuming she's not required to drive it every day). Plus there should be at least one extra car around in case one breaks down!
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7 years ago I had a license plate frame that said, " I lost 140lbs of unwanted weight-Got divorced" [Image: smile.gif]
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I was thinking more along the lines of , gee hun with the new job and added income we can finally build that garage youv'e been wanting to properly house our classics!!!!!!!!
Good luck on this one, Rick B.

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I left my last job in Feb. Had been driving company cars for four years. Not bad cars, my last was an 02 Grand Prix, but I figured they were paying for the gas and insurance so the only car I owned was the one I bought my wife. (Neon). Now when I knew I was leaving I knew I had to buy a car. Not wanting to take on payments I of course looked for used and that is when I found this TC. It would be nice to have that Co. car back for a daily driver, but I got to keep the TC. Point is when the job is gone, you are back to having to buy another car.

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The weights on the scale:

"econo-car/gas" -v- "1986 5-speed TurboCoupe"

I'd say the left side needs a lot more to balance out the right...

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Thanks for all of the great advice. The company is now looking at putting me in a position with similar pay, but without the mandatory company car. Turns out the HR guy used to have an 86 5 speed TC (loaded) that he loved, but traded for a 91 5 speed SC (loaded) that he loved, that he had to sell when he got put on the company car program due to lack of parking.
Quote:From segfaultxr7:Plus there should be at least one extra car around in case one breaks down!
Uhhh, that's how I got the XR7. The wife's vehicle is a 94 Lumina APV. I hate it. The doors are both barely working, and I have to work on them about every other month just so we can dependably get in and out. It leaks oil, and it was so abused by the former owner that I got it for free, and had to put about the same amount of money into it as I have my TC. But my wife likes it. Tried to tell her about the economics of selling that and keeping both the TC and XR7, and that idea went over like a lead balloon.

I do like the idea of money in vs. money out. I can treat the TC like a stock, and since I have a lot in it, it would be an actual monetary loss to sell it for less. If I don't sell it, it is just a paper loss. We'll see if that argument works if I ever end up in a mandatory company car position. The only bummer about that is the XR7 is now worth more than the total we put in, which would just change the focus of the problem. Maybe I should have paid better attention to the dollar-cost-averaging arguments.

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Mike Walsted - Sold my 1986 5-speed TurboCoupe

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