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Sad Day - Striping my 88 Thunderbird T-Bird
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Back in 1988 I bought my dream car - a T-Coupe with every option except a sunroof (I'm too tall). It was an awesome car that I loved to drive. Drove it for my honeymoon, brought my kids home from the hospital in it. Years flew by, and repairs forced me to park it. Other than starting it once a year, it has been waiting patiently for me to have disposable income to repair it.

That time came this year! However, the bottom of the car is so rusted out, that rebuilding it is sadly not possible.

So I bought another one! Same year, not quite the same options, but close. In the process of stripping the red Thunderbird, and moving parts over to the Silver Thunderbird.

Sad to see my car go from cradle to grave - but I'm sure looking forward to driving a T-Bird again soon!


p.s. I have two complete and running engines - would like to ship one to an engine builder and have it setup as a strong, but not nutted out, motor. Other suggestions are to replace it with a V8 crate motor - which I'm resisting, but economically and horsepower delivered - is tempting. Suggestions????

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