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Sad day
Gremlin Offline
So I went to pick up this:

[Image: fiesta.jpg]

And parked this on the street for literally the 5th day in the 4 years I have owned it:

[Image: IMG_20140120_125102.jpg]

Some jerk off seems to have backed into it and didn't have the balls to leave a note...really depressing. If anyone is looking for a project car and a bunch of parts keep an eye on the classifieds...sigh
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T-BirdX3 Offline
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Sorry to see and hear about.

On another note, how is the Fiesta ST? I'm a huge fan of the Focus ST.
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boboli Offline
Why not change the door if that's all that's damaged? Just unbolt it and put another one on.
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natmac3 Offline
amen on boboli's comments, looks like an easy fix... horribly frustrating & downright infuriating, but very very fixable.

it'll buff out! Smile

Gremlin Offline
Yeah, I actually have another door in my garage...wrong exterior color though. Car does need a bit more work than just the door. It has been a reliable vehicle when I needed it though so I may end up swapping the door and putting it back in the garage as a spare vehicle...I dunno.
'88 Turbo Coupe - K&N in fender, boost valve @ 15 psi.

longbedGTs Offline
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Sucks to see but the door had rust at the bottom anyway. Atleast it wasn't a perfect door that was hit and the damage doesn't look to have gotten into the 1/4 panel or fender. Trying to look at the bright's an easy fix.
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vinnietbird Offline
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If you get rid of it, just a few months to a year, you'll be filled with regret. It always happens that way.
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