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Rust got me down PT 2
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Well while waiting for my '87 TC to get the body work done to the quarters it got hit by a rental car in a police chase WHILE IT WAS PARKED. The car hit the drive side fender, bumper cover, corner light, and cracked the header panel. I just tried to unpload the pictures but its says now I am not authorized to do that now. The TC gods must have been mad at me for some reason. First the rusted quaters now damage to a great looking front end. I know men don't cry but....

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Sorry to hear that dude. I hear you, rust got me down too and I've also had a hit and run in the past. The day before carlisle I was going to install a 3" ATR exhaust, and when I got under there my friend noticed alot of rust where the driver side rear control arm attaches to the frame. We poked around with a screwdriver and it was all soft. So now time to look for a new body. My tuning at the strip plan this summer is now in hold until I get a new body. We all run into some bad luck every now and then, but don't give up keep pushing forward. If life was too easy we wouldn't appreciate what we have or what we have accomplished.

Good luck,
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BigMike, I fixed the setting so you can post pics. Makesure the filenames are one word, no spaces. I hope you can get it fixed soon.
Pete Dunham


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Ok let me try it again.

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So BigMike, does this mean you are looking for a complete body? If so I'll keep my eyes open. There are a few TCs around this area and most the bodies are very clean.
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Looking for quaters and a fender and header panel. I just talked to Michael Pinto and he suppose to help me out as well.

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Turbo Toy on Turboford has two southern cars. One is red and one is burgundy. He posted on one of the wanted adds.
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Mike your not to far away from me, Ive got a mint header panel it is blue but it is in mint shape, pay for shipping and it is yours. I dont have lights for it or a fender but if you want it shoot me a PM.

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Thanks a lot. I just shot you a PM to you. I appreciate this.

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