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running to rich
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i have an 88 turbo coupe automatic that is running to rich and will not pass the emission test. can someone give me some possible reasons the car is running to rich. the car passed the test a year ago with no problem and i have not driven the car very much over the past year. I've replaced the oxygen sensor, egr valve, fuel pressure regulator. I don't know what else i can replace that will fix the problem. could the tps, or pip in the distributor cause the car to run rich. thanks for the help!

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What codes did you get for each part of the code test?
Pete Dunham


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Run the codes.

Better to have SOME direction than to just blindly throw parts (that might not need replacing) at it.

Maybe VAT, ACT ...???
Could be leaky injectors, or even a bad-out-of-the-box fuel pressure regulator...???

Again, run the codes. It could save you LOTS of work.

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do you have your emission numbers? co,co2, o, and hc?

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