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running to rich
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i have an 88 turbo coupe that has failed the emissions test 3 times. I've replaced the oxygen sensor, egr valve. the emissions test is telling me that the car is running to rich. when i run the codes i get a 14 and 42 {KOEO} and with the engine running i get 17, 25, 74, 77 {KOER}. can somebody please give me some possible reasons the car is running rich. thaks for the help.

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Pull the vac. hose off the fuel pressure regulator and see fi you can smell gas. If you do then the diaphragm probably ruptured and is sucking fuel into the intake causing the rich condition.

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Follow Glenn's advise by checking the fuel pressure regulator first, it is easy to do.

Most of your codes are minor.

17 - Your idle speed is too low. You should check and adjust the base (curb) idle speed. You can find instructions here:

25 - This means your Knock Sensor did not report any knock to the EEC. This code is very common. You pretty much need to tap with a hammer on the intake during the right moment to see if the knock sensor reports the knock to the EEC.

74 - This means you either did not step on the brake pedal during the EEC tests, or that the EEC did not see the brake pedal signal if you did. Common user error.

77 - This code means that the EEC did not detect a very brief WOT during the EEC test. This is likely because you did not give it a brief WOT during the test. Another common user error.

42 - First do what Glenn suggested since it's quick and easy. You may want to check the fuel pressure as well.
If that turns out fine, and IF you feel safe doing this, you may want to look at my website here for further info:

14 - What type of ignition wires are you using? This code is fairly common occasionally, and often results if you don't use Motorcraft spark plug wires.

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