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what all could cause a rich condition in these cars? I'll tell you what I have new-02 sensor, injectors, fpr, coolant temp sensor Could the MAP sensor or VAM cause a rich condition? Also, how many bar does the stock map sensor sense? I know 1 bar is 14.7 psi, and 2 bar is 24 psi I think...will the map sensor read 20 psi? I may have to go to a 3 bar map sensor...Im stumped
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The TCs use a BP sensor, not a MAP, The BP open to atmosphere, so it doesn't see boost.

Have you pulled the codes or run fuel pressure checks? How do you know it's running rich? There are "how to" articles on both in the Technical Articles, link at the top of the page.
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You do not have a MAP sensor. What you have is a BARO sensor. Same basic part, but it reads atmospheric pressure, not manifold pressure. What injectors do you have?

How rich is it running? When does it run rich?

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how do u know its running rich?
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1 bar = 1 atmosphere = 14.7
2 bar = 2 atmosphere = 29.4

At sea level and standard temp that is.
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