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Running codes question....
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Sitting here on the night shift, I'm planning my attack on finding the rough running problem.

From the tech articles, what does Jeff mean by the "activators" test? Also, the book that came with my code reader says to turn the steering wheel - we don't have a PS pressure switch though, right? Also, I am not able to get it into the cylider balance test like the book says (floor throttle after code output). Jeff's article doesn't mention it, so does that mean it's not a feature of our system?
Thanks again.
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Here is the low down....

Our cars fo not have the PSPS, so no need to turn the steering wheel.

The power balance test only works on SEFI motors, like the 5.0s, not on batch fire motors like ours. The power balance test works on SEFI by the EEC holding a fixed duty cycle on the IAC, and shutting off one injector at a time, and noting the RPM drop. A high tech version of the old time "pull a plug wire and listen for the RPM drop" to locate a dead cylinder (all you old timers remember doing this I am sure!).

By "activators", you refering to the output state check, right? After the KOEO codes have been outputted, a WOT will turn on all the activators, like the EVR solenoid, IAC, etc. By activators, I mean any output device controlled by the EEC, as opposed to sensors, which send info to the EEC. A secont WOT will shut all the activators back off.

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Jeff Korn

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Activators. Gotcha. That could come in handy. And that makes perfect sense about the injectors.

I do remember shocking the shit out of myself once doing the old timer method. [Image: eek.gif]
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