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Rules for Fastest Turbocoupe Lists
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1. This list is exclusively for Thunderbird Turbocoupes and Mercury Turbo Cougars.

2. The main list is for 2.3L Ford turbo engines only. However, overbores, strokers and destroked engines are also permitted to compete. There is no limit on modifications to the engine. Drag radials and slicks are permitted.

3. There is a separate list for the five fastest non-2.3L Turbocoupes which include 6 cylinder and eight cylinder conversions. The vehicles must be a Turbocoupe conversion and still be street legal - no drag strip only cars allowed.

4. Timeslips are required. They can be emailed to us by using the email button above. If you don't have a digital camera or scanner you can email for physical address and then mail a copy of the timeslip to us. Please be honest - we reserve the right to question any submitted timeslips.

5. No G-Tech or Vericom times will be permitted.

6. A list of modifications must be supplied with timeslip - this is a friendly competition and is intended to help others and share knowledge to encourage modifying our TC's.

7. Information like elevation, relative humidity, and temperature are requested but not required with your time slip. Such data is usually printed on each time slip but may not be. We would also like to know RPM and boost pressure at launch, the octane of the fuel, and any fuel additive used for the run. Suspension settings and shift RPM would also be helpful.

8. Only one spot per car. If you break your previous best time the new time will be slotted accordingly and the old time will be removed. You may have more than one entry only if you own and race more than one car, but there will still be only one listing for each. You can have one slot in each list. The 1/8 mile list will only be for 1/8 mile slips.

9. We will accept 1/8 mile slips. They will be kept in a separate list. We will list all 1/8 mile slips until it reaches 25 entries and then the top 25 will be kept.

Please direct any questions or comments to the email address using the button above or PM them via the board.

Many thanks to Glenn Spangler (Glenn 88TC) for all his hard work in creating this list.
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