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anyone know where i can get the rubber that seals the trunk and the doors? also how about the window rubber that is always cracked and faded?

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I have seen rolls of weather stripping at AutoZone that go for around $25 and have about 10 feet of matieral. That is probably your best bet unless you find a good one at the JY. I always look for them there.

As for the back windows, there is no replacement for those but they can be painted and I believe polished.

Use the search feature, there's tons of info on these two subjects [Image: smile.gif]

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Last time I looked into this J C Whitney had a very large selection of weatherstrips for door openings, and trunk, just pick out the style that fits our type of weatherstripping. And yes Ryan is right, the back window weatherstrip is no longer available, and both my 88's look like hell, all dry rotted.
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I got a good pass.side door seal and trunk seal both in great shape also I have the trim along the outside of the windows good rubber $35 shipped........Rod
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