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Rough idle, stalling issue - RESOLVED
Randy Wilhite Offline
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After having my origiinal engine and turbo rebuilt and installing back into my 87 TC, I could not get the engine to idle and it would just shut down when dropping below 1600 rpm. Even at 1600 rpm it ran rough and I was about ready to tear into the injectors to see if I had a bad one.

After posting a question on the orientation of the throttle position sensor (TPS), Pete Dunham suggested I again check the hoses on the VAM and intercooler. I noticed the stainless hose clamp on the 3 inch corrogated hose that connects the back of the VAM to the turbo intake plenum looked cock-eyed.

I loosened the clamp and ran my hand along the underside of the 3 inch hose where it connects to the rear of the VAM and found the bottom of the hose had folded up into the bottom of the VAM leaving a large gap.

Re-attached hose, tightened the clamp and started the engine. Voila, it ran perfectly without any miss and now idles perfectly.

Check, double-check and triple check those hoses, folks!


Original owner 1987 Turbo Coupe 5 speed.

Pete D Offline
Glad to hear it's fixed. Hose leaks have bitten me in the butt more than once.
Pete Dunham


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