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rough idle, dies
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I have a very peculiar problem.
My TC starts, then runs at a rough 200RPM constantly. No acceleration from gas pedal.

Checked codes KOEO, checked TPS (smooth from 1.1V to 4.95V), nothing out of the ordinary.
When I push on the brake (turns the brake lights on) or turn on the headlights; the idle speed begins to increase to 600RPM, still no acceleration with the gas pedal.

Here is the freaky part: when I push on the electric window switch to roll up the window (that is already rolled up) the engine resumes a smooth steady 1000RPM idle and the engine now accelerates properly with the foot pedal.

Let me know if you have any idea on how to troubleshoot this thing!! This one has me hitting my head against the wall.


Phill Z. in Kansas

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Welcome to the board.
Have you pulled the codes for starters:[/ URL] [URL=]
Are all sensors connected, check connectionc for corrision.
Is the throttle cable connected to the rhrottle body?
What year car is it?

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Pete Dunham


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Idle TPS voltage over 1 volt has been known to cause idle quality issues, though not likely the fix for your specific issues here.

What is your battery voltage with the engine off, and then with the engine running?

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Here is some of the info that you both requested that may help:
The car is a 1983 Turbo-Coupe (2.3L) 30,000 actual miles on the car & engine; garaged since new. I just put a new battery in it last week. I hadn't started it for about six months (old battery wouldn't take a charge & was dead)
new battery voltage 12.8V with ignition on engine off, 13.5V with engine running (at the low RPM problem)
The throttle cable is connected, can't find any sensor wires/connections that may be corroded;
The TPS voltage over 1.0V may answer an ongoing "nuisance" problem when decelerating or stopping, the engine would die (this has been going on intermittently since the car was new)

Here are the codes that I just ran:
KOEO, just 11 came up (no other codes)
KOER, gave 12, 21, 34, 42, 76
I'm not too concerned about the 76 since there was no acceleration.
I then ran another KOEO (after the KOER) and came up with a 53 code.

Quite a few codes, not sure how many may apply to the problem.

I'm wondering now if the actual connection between the TPS signal out and the computer is broken somewhere?

Thanks again.

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