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rough idle and.....
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my 88 has a problem when its sitting there in out of gear the idle will go up and down constently. it will go up to 2000rpm and sometimes drops enough that i think it is going to stall. when i take it out for a ride it will start to jump back and fort. i gave it a tune up yesterday to and it didnt help at all. im going to put it on the computer tomarrow to see what codes come up. anyone know what is wrong?

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Common problems that exhibit these symptoms are a bad throttle position sensor or a sticking IAC valve that needs cleaned out. A vacuum leak could do it too. Let us know what your stored codes are first though, and we'll go from there.
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when i put on the computer it said that the egr valve and the knock sensor. i pulled off the egr valve and cleaned it, i didnt do anything with the knock sensor....what does the knock sensor do?

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You Knock Sensor code could have been a false alarm, if you didn't perform the EEC test right. Common.

The knock sensor tells the EEC when there is engine detonation, so the EEC can pull some timing to prevent engine damage.


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Pull the idle air control (IAC) off and clean it out with carb cleaner.

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