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rotted/rusted coolant lines and oil lines.
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Where can I find replacements for these lines? including the metal ones as they are rusted through. Would I be better off replacing these with braided steel line? Also what needs to be done before starting this car as its been parked for 3 years while I've been in college. I suspect it'll need a new rad as there is evidence of rust in the coolant but for now I need to get the oil coolant lines fixed.

Thanks David
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The hard lines are obsolete and have been for years. Used lines or fabricating replacements are the options. Years ago one guy did it out of copper plumbing parts. It worked but I have wondered how durable they were (vibration).

NAPA used to have a couple different preformed, cut to fit heater hoses that would cover all the hoses except the long thin one on the driver's side and that one is easy to substitute.

You will probably need to clean out the fuel system if it's been sitting that long.
Turn it over by hand to make sure it isn't locked. 22mm socket on the crank pulley bolt

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I used trans cooler line for the long thin one on the driver side. Has held out fine for 10 or more years.
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all these Alabama people lately…I don't feel so alone anymore! Off topic I know, but what part of Al are you in (I'm Bham and to to Montgomery regularly)?
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I live in Tuscaloosa but the car is parked at my parents house in Scottsboro

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Jeez, what ate those heater core lines?!
I am happy with my AutoZone aluminum radiator. Lifetime warranty and if you get their emails, you will eventually get 25% off $100 spent with free shipping. Find some hoses and a radiator and you will easily be @$100. Works great here in the desert
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I went on eBay and found a couple of decent sets of these hard lines for sale. I found them listed as being for a Mustang 2.3L. While they were not new, I did get a set that were in a lot better condition than mine. The problem with eBay of course is that you have to keep checking it if what you want is not listed that day - took me two weeks before what I considered a good set showed up. Also, you have to pay careful attention to the pictures to determine the condition before you buy.
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