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Rotating Upper Intake
Mark'87TC Offline
i could use some info on rotating the upper intake. i'd like a way that doesn't require welding. also i could use info on how to front mount IC w/out rotating upper intake. i tried the search function, with little luck on the topic of intake rotation.

Pete D Offline
I don't know of any way to rotate an upper without welding. The problem with rotated uppers is the alternator. It's in the way of a straight 90* rotation. You can pivot the alternator so it hangs by one bolt but that's probably not my first choice, certainly not for a regularly driven street car.
You can rotate the upper more than 90* so that ir sort of points toward the battery. It's been done but there can be other issues like the PS and coolant recovery bottle.

I got a few pics of other's FM installs without rotation, if you got an e-mail
Pete Dunham


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