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Rockauto is A+++
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My first time dealing with them.I ordered a bunch of stuff from rockauto on saturday the 24th and it was all on my door step today,the 28th. 100% complete and at a great price.I will post the new discount code as soon as I get it,which should be tuesday.
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I've bought a lot of stuff from them both for my TC and Firebird. Never had any problems, reasonable prices and fast shipping.

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I love Rockauto. Been ordering from them for years. Fast service, easy returns if they send you the wrong part or you order the wrong part. Only downside for me: They are based in Wisconsin where I live, and I get to pay sales tax Sad
Jeff Korn

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I have ordered parts from them and the service, price and fast shipping makes them the place to get your parts.
Dom Z
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+1 rockauto is great !

be aware they (often) ship from multiple sources, and (then) charge multiple shipping fees.

when ordering, pay attention to that.

often you can choose same part, but different brand/source (maybe small $ more),
that will ship from the same spot that your other parts are shipping from,
saving you more $ ..

sometimes you have no choice %)
at least the ship fees are reasonable Smile
David T
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