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Anybody road race?

I ran with some guys in LeMons many years ago that were running a TurboCoupe, right up until it decided to spit the oil separator out, with it landing upside down on the exhaust manifold, eventually getting hot enough start burning and burned the wiring harness up.  Soon after that we got an ITB (SCCA class) 2.3 NA Mustang. We ran it in the VIR 24 after swapping the rear end, front spindles and brakes from the TC.  After that race a turbo engine got put in the Mustang and it ran that way for several years, with many difficulties with the engine.  (By that time I  had moved and wasn't involved with them much.)  Eventually the Mustang got wrecked badly enough it wasn't worth fixing and with the difficulties with the 2.3t engines they got a 302 from a 95 GT and put it in the TC and last I heard were still racing it that way.

I've also been involved with a team running an 88 sport with a lopo 302.  They had to rebuild the engine and instead of upgrading it did a completely stock rebuild so it's lacking in power.

That said the Thunderbirds are much more stable than the Mustangs I've raced which I mostly attribute to the longer wheelbase.

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I don't know of anyone road racing a TC. I have been following along Anthony who posts on his son's YouTube channel track days:
Not sure if he is on this forum.

John B has been gearing up for racing but not sure if it is Autocross or Track days.

I am on the Facebook page for Mustangs called "79-04 Mustangs Road Race-HPDE-AutoX" that has a lot of good information for road coursing.

Fun stuff to follow along for me. Not sure how much longer physically I can continue off-road on 2 wheels so have been contemplating a "cage".
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I haven't gotten into it but I do have a turbo coupe parts car without a title that could be made into a track car.

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