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rev limiter
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I noticed that if I rev over 6k that my car starts to miss like it's hit the rev limiter. It will continue to miss for a minute or so then everything is O.K. It's almost like I flowed a lifter or something but no tapping. I did install a new Walsh stage #2 cam and lifters a few months ago. I didn't have this problem untill I did the 5 speed swap. I still have the auto computer in the car. Should I change to an LA3, I already have one just didn't change it. I did add a new 255 Walbro fuel pump but it didn't help.
It's an '88 Turbo Coupe. Other than this everything is great. It's still pulling hard at 6k and should rev higher. What should I do??????????
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The rev limiter in 87/88 TC is set to 6,250 rpm to the best of my knowledge. The only way to raise it is to (1) go totally aftermarket (such as SDS or similar) or (2) get an EEC tuner. The way it limits rpm is to cut off fuel flow once the limit is reached, so yes it would miss and stutter.

I don't know what the limitation of the stock valvetrain is but I suspect you could bump it up to 6500 or so with no problem. The LA3 won't help you here since it has the same rev limit.

Hopefully someone a little more knowledgable will jump in here.


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When the engine hits the rev limit, the EEC cuts off fuel supply, like hitting a brick wall. As soon as rpms drop, fuel is restored. At least that is the way it has worked on mine and I've bounced the rev limit more than once. If your have problems for several seconds or longer after onset, I would guess that something else is going on, like lash adjuster pump up
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There is a little bit of hysteresis, or "play" in the rev limit..... fuel shuts off at 6250, and isnt restored until 100 - 200 RPM or so lower than the cut off RPM. Thats what gives the characteristic "chug - chug - chug" feel when you hit the rev limit.

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