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Results of code 42 troubleshooting
Salida Geoff Offline
Junior Member
I know this much now:
* engine timing is perfect
* spark looks good
* old spark plugs reeked of gasoline
* vane voltage 0.97 or so volts
* fpr appears ok, no liquid gasoline, very faint smell of gas
* engine-off fuel pressure 38 psi

Engine will absolutely not start. It tries, sputters, coughs. Does seem flooded.

Am I down to the engine control computer? Should I replace fpr anyway? Anything else? Recommended computer?

Thanks so much,
Geoff Whitney

Not B Anymore Offline
Did you check for dislodged/torn hoses between the VAM and throttle body? Will it start with the VAM unplugged?
Brian Leavitt
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Salida Geoff Offline
Junior Member
Please tell me where the VAM would be unplugged
Please tell me which hoses go between the VAM and throttle body
Any hoses I can find are in excellent condition.
I'm beginning to think I don't know what the VAM really is and where it is. It is directly connected to the throttle body, right? or no? I have never seen a picture of a labeled VAM on this website.
When I manually move the throttle full open to full closed, I hear loose, sloppy rattling on the passenger side of the fire wall.
Comments, directions?
Geoff Whitney

Salida Geoff Offline
Junior Member
OK, I found the VAM. Please disregard the previous message.

Geoff Whitney

Jeff K Offline
Have you tried starting it with the gas pedal about 1/4 way to the floor?

Have you checked for injector pulse on all 4 injectors using a NOID light?

As noted above, ECT voltage would be a good thing to know.

Have you checked TPS volts to be sure it is a little under 1.0 V at closed throttle and increases smoothly to 4.5V or so at WOT?

I am still thinking you have a bad vacuum leak somewhere that you havent found yet.
Jeff Korn

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